Talech iPad POS System

Perfect for health and wellness consultants, dermatologists and concierge medicine providers

talech’s simple, iPad Point of Sale interface allows facilities to accept payments, take inventory and generate reports quickly and accurately with an iPad or iPad mini. Whether you sell items in a gift shop, cafeteria or online, the talech POS system is designed to help you manage your inventory and sell more product—a great tool for mobile healthcare.

Simple & Powerful

talech is a mobile point of sale designed to help you simplify operations and uncover insights.
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How talech Can Help Your Healthcare Practice

Manage inventory, accept payments and track sales and promotions from one simple interface

Easily manage products with a 100% configurable menu

Manage discounts and promotions from the same program

Simplifies reports with real-time reporting and analytics

Access practice info anytime, anywhere

Create customized customer loyalty programs

Offer patients flexibility with options for email/print receipts

Facilitate mobile healthcare