Security Features

Safeguard Your Patient Data

Healthcare data is under attack—especially in today’s world—so we take patient data security incredibly seriously at NTC Healthcare. PaymentCare™ is the first healthcare processor to offer data encryption and tokenization to protect card data, and all of our solutions are fully HIPAA and PCI compliant, so you can trust that patient information is safe with us.

PaymentCare™ Security Features

Every part of PaymentCare™ is equipped with the latest in digital security to keep your patient data safe from harm.

PCI Compliance

PaymentCare™ is fully PCI compliant in accordance with the latest credit card processing industry standards and regulations.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure the secure transfer of patient information, statements and receipts with a completely HIPAA compliant system.

Protect Your Data


Data encryption protects card information from the point of swipe to the processor and, most importantly, renders cardholder data useless to criminals in the event of a data breach. We offer data encryption on all of our solutions so that your practice is always safe.


Our tokenization process disguises card data before it is even transmitted to processor for approval, protecting your practice from the threat of cybercrime and maintaining compliance with industry standards.