Reporting Solutions

Robust, Flexible Reporting for Every Practice

Our customizable reporting solutions make reconciliation and end-of-day reporting easy. With color-coded transactions, reports across several healthcare locations and in-depth analysis of any information you might need, produced for any time period, in any format, we simplify the reconciliation process for healthcare organizations and their bookkeepers, accountants, and tax advisors and reduce the effort typically associated with daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

PaymentCareâ„¢ Reporting

PaymentCareâ„¢ offers comprehensive and fully customizable reporting tools for in-depth analysis of your practice.

Simple Reconciliation

Reconciliation is exceptionally easy using the fully customizable end-of-day report. All payments are color coded to show accepted, declined and voided transactions.

Comprehensive End-of-Day Reporting

End-of-Day Reports include credit cards, cash, and checks with a viewable image of the check, as well as any check that is manually recorded and deposited from all locations, including online payments.

Fully Customizable Reports

For facilities with specific requirements, we offer fully customized reporting solutions. Receive in-depth analysis of any information that you might need; produced for any time period, in any format.

Compatible With Other Systems

Reports can be automatically posted into the patient's accounts receivable ledger with any Practice Management System.

Other Reporting Solutions

MerchantConnect Reporting

Online account information and robust reporting gives your practice the tools needed to manage your payment processing more efficiently and effectively. MerchantConnect is a web-based real-time service that provides streamlined and secure reporting. You can quickly and easily access payment information while still protecting cardholder and account data. Some of the valuable reports available through MerchantConnect are: Account support, Chargeback list, Deposit report and an Interchange qualification chart.

MerchantConnect SRS Tool

The MerchantConnect SRS tool gives practices a quick and easy view of their credit, debit, and gift card transaction activity that was settled by the processor and reported to the IRS. SRS is an all-inclusive solution which allows practices to reconcile the reportable gross sales settled at the Tax ID Number (TIN) level with Merchant Identification Number (MID) level credit, debit, and gift card transaction activity reported on their monthly statements.

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