Patient Billing Solutions

Streamlined Patient Billing

Whether you choose to send traditional paper statements or use an integrated online patient payment portal, handling patient billing is easy. We handle all aspects of physical statements for easy billing and fewer errors, or can provide patients with consolidated online statements for services across your entire organization. Accept any type of payment, set up payment plans, estimate patient financial responsibility and file claims—everything works together to optimize your collection process.

PaymentCare™ Patient Billing

Streamline patient billing, statements, online payments, payment estimations and claims into one easy solution.

Easily Collect Patient Payments

Whether your patients prefer traditional paper statements or want to view their statements online, collecting payment is with PaymentCare™ is simple.

Set Up Payment Plans

Enable patients to set up their own payment plans based on your specified billing policies.

File Claims

File claims with our network of over 800 payers and minimize rejected claims with our automated system.

Easy-to-Use Online Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an eco-friendly, convenient and secure method for patients to fulfill payments online, allowing you to cut costs for statements, collections, rework and follow-up.

Help Patients With the Payment Estimator

The Payment Estimator allows you to verify patient eligibility and then estimate their total financial responsibility before they even see the doctor, saving you time and money.

Accept Remote Deposits

Accept remote deposits from multiple facility locations and automatically process patient payments with next-day funding for authorized checks in order to greatly reduce trips to the bank.

Accept All Types of Payment

All payment types are accepted: credit and debit cards and checks as well as all healthcare accounts: HSA, FSA and HRA.

Collect Payments Faster

Patient Payments

Whether your facility uses traditional paper or online statements, patients can pay through an easy online payment portal and set up payment plans based on your billing policies. Plus, PaymentCare™ One Bill consolidates all balances across your organization into one centralized statement to give patients a convenient way to manage and pay their healthcare bills.

Patient Estimator

Immediately verify eligibility and then estimate the total financial responsibility of each patient before they even see the doctor. This saves you time and money, plus cuts down on no-shows and outstanding payments because patients know exactly what they owe.

Patient Financing

Our patient financing system gives self-pay or high deductible patients the option to make payments for your services as opposed to paying the entire amount at once. This drastically maximizes efficiency and revenue capture during the initial contact, shortening your revenue cycle by pre-qualifying patients for financing and enrolling them in provider-approved payment plans.