Eligibility Solutions

Save Time with Automated Insurance Eligibility

Stop wasting time manually checking insurance websites or calling for verification. Our cloud-based eligibility software lets office staff verify eligibility in real-time as a patient arrives at the office, or in batches so that eligibility can be determined prior to patient visits, saving time and money while identifying co-pays and deductibles.

PaymentCareâ„¢ Eligibility Verification

With PaymentCareâ„¢ insurance verification, office staff can automate requests and receive flexible inputs and outputs for easy integration with any system.

Verify Eligibility at the Time of Service

Verify eligibility and capture a payment method at the time of registration. Patient liability can be collected directly from a 271 response with one click at the point of service or via any payment card or check.

Work Smarter With Batch Eligibility

Eligibility processing can be batched so that eligibility can be determined prior to the patient's visit. Staff must no longer visit multiple websites or spend time on the phone determining co-pays & deductibles.

Works With a Network of Payers

PaymentCare Eligibility supports over 800 Payers including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Aetna and Cigna.

Simplify Your Workflow

Reduce Data Entry

Patient records are saved automatically when an eligibility inquiry is processed and are accessible on subsequent patient visits.

Improve Cash Flow

Verifying eligibility immediately allows you to lower patient collection costs while decreasing days in accounts receivable, improving cash flow.