73% of providers report it takes one month or longer to collect from patients.

InstaMed® Trends in Healthcare Annual Report, 2016


One of the biggest threats to bottom line is rendering services to an ineligible patient. That’s why our eligibility software allows you to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, either in a single or multiple batch, before treating the patient. This saves time, reduces costly claims rejections and increases cash flow and profit. Learn More


We offer customizable reporting solutions that make reconciliation and end-of-day reporting simple. See color-coded transactions, reports across several locations and in-depth analysis of any information you might need; produced for any time period, in any format. Learn More

Patient Billing

Whether you choose to send traditional paper statements or use an integrated online patient payment portal, handling patient billing is easy. Accept any type of payment, set up payment plans or file claims. Everything works together to optimize the collection process. Learn More


As the the first healthcare processor to offer data encryption and tokenization, we take patient data security seriously. We use encryption and tokenization to protect card data, and all of our solutions are HIPAA and PCI compliant to give you peace of mind. Learn More