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The success of your health facility depends on more than just the quality of the care you provide. Effectively managing your revenue cycle, providing patients simple payment options, reducing receivables and more are all major factors when it comes to your bottom line.

Answer a few questions to see just how well your practice is maximizing revenue.

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Do you currently send patients e-statements?

The cost to the practice of one paper statement, on average, is $5.


How many patients do you see per month?


On average, what amount per month do you bill for?

This helps us determine what an increase in collections could do for your practice.

On average, what percentage of your monthly
billings do you collect per month?

Most practices collect 60% of their accounts receivables.

I collect 60% per month

How many insurance verifications does your office typically perform per day?

Staff can spend excessive time, often on hold, trying to verify insurance for a single patient.

What is the average hourly rate of your eligibility staff?

Typically, an eligibility specialist earns $15.80 per hour.

$15.80 hourly rate

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