What to Expect from AHA’s New Center for Health Innovation

In early September, 2018, the nonprofit American Hospital Association launched the AHA Center for Health Innovation. The Center will offer hospitals and health systems thought leadership and guidance in best practices, to help them address current and future challenges. It will also provide practical resources and tools to support the efforts of hospitals to grow, expand, and enhance their performance and productivity.

The Center especially focuses on how to create beneficially disruptive innovation within the healthcare industry. With that goal in mind, it will provide ongoing research and will facilitate the forging of collaborative partnerships between players both within and outside of the healthcare sector.

Addressing Key Issues

The AHA has been around for more than 100 years, and boasts a membership roster of at least 5,000 hospitals and health systems. The organization has a wealth of experience working with healthcare providers as well as government agencies, community organizations, and private sector business partners. The new Center intends to bring that collective experience to bear on the most important and urgent issues of the day, such as healthcare quality, affordability, technology, delivery, and efficiency.

AHA Innovation Challenge and Boot Camp

One of the initiatives that the Center has planned is a think-tank, the Innovation Challenge. The Center will host events that convene experts to share their ideas regarding ways to innovate. To help make that happen, the Center will offer 90-day coaching programs or Boot Camps. During Boot Camp leaders within the healthcare sector will have the opportunity to learn various innovative strategies used in other industries, such as manufacturing and technology. The Boot Camps will also teach ways to validate the practical value of innovative ideas through the application of techniques related to design, development, prototyping, and real-world application.

Market Insights and Financial Health

In order to inform and educate administrators and other decision makers, the Center will monitor industry trends, provide ongoing insights, and report on emerging issues and market forces. But it also wants to provide hospitals and health systems with solutions to navigate the evolution of payment management, from traditional fee-for-service models to value-based reimbursement

Cyber Security

The Center also recognizes the importance of protecting critical digital data from cyber threats within the industry. To help healthcare providers in that regard, it will offer access to cyber security resources and expertise to evaluate potential risks, explore vulnerabilities, and ensure a safe IT environment.

Public Policy

The Center hopes to shape public policy in solution-oriented ways, which is a component of the overall AHA mission that it is eager to expand and strengthen. The Center will present compelling and insightful case studies to illustrate how major healthcare organizations are trendsetters and difference makers in the industry. The AHA also strives to better involve and engage its members, and wants the Center to be a catalyst for that kind of inclusive transformation.

The Bottom Line

The AHA is definitely in a strong position to help lead the healthcare industry through an unprecedented era of rapid change and new challenges. If the Center for Health Innovation succeeds in fulfilling its mission, the industry will reap benefits that will translate into enhanced outcomes for patients.