[Webinar] 3 Ways to Improve SEO in Aesthetics

On October 24th, NTC Healthcare is excited to host healthcare marketing expert John Vakidis of DoctorLogic. John will be presenting an insightful hour-long webinar, specifically tailored to the needs of aesthetic practitioners. Participants will learn three powerfully effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost web traffic, enhance online brand and presence, and increase new patient lead conversions.

Because search engines are increasingly adept at filtering-out websites that don’t follow SEO best practices, updating and upgrading SEO is a marketing necessity. But search algorithms are highly complex with approximately 900  factors that impact the effectiveness of SEO. If aesthetics practices want to remain relevant and competitive, their websites need to stay up-to-date and intelligently focused on the three vital areas: content, keywords, and website structure.

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Naturally, many digital marketing agencies claim that they have the keys to the kingdom when it comes to online promotion and presence. But their services can be expensive, while their claims can be difficult to evaluate. That’s why NTC Healthcare has partnered with DoctorLogic, to empower aesthetic practices with knowledge of how to boost their own SEO performance significantly, sustainably, and cost effectively.

“DoctorLogic is a leading marketing technology company in the aesthetic industry,” explains Linda Borek, President and CEO of NTC Healthcare. “During this special 3 Ways to Improve Your SEO in Aesthetics webinar, participants will learn how to leverage online presence in ways that can measurably contribute to patient acquisition and bottom-line results. I invite and encourage everyone to join in as this webinar has the potential to pay valuable marketing dividends.”

Topics covered will include ways to provide higher-quality content that appeals to Google for greater SEO outcomes; how to analyze websites and uncover opportunities to boost performance, and how to structure websites so that they act as effective marketing funnels. Learn how to easily implement SEO strategies that will immediately begin to convert online traffic into offline patients and revenues.

The webinar takes place Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018
from 1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m. CST. To reserve your place, please click here.