Spring Cleaning: Sprucing Up Your Practice

While spring is a lovely time of year, all that sunshine and new growth can shed some light on an unsavory amount of dust accumulation—both figurative and real. If you haven’t already set a plan in motion for some “spring cleaning” within your practice, it’s not a bad idea to get started now.

Your office is, no doubt, clean in the practical sense of the word, but spring cleaning is more about jumping in to not only disinfect your practice, but also bring about a feeling of freshness or newness that your work space probably hasn’t seen in quite a while.

Below are some tips for sprucing up your practice, both in the office and in the wider online world. Just a few small steps can really make a difference in how patients view your practice and, if your goal is to draw in new patients, brightening up your online presence and physical office space can spark the curiosity and interest you need to encourage new business.


Add some color

If you’ve been putting off repainting the office and waiting room spaces, now is the time. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge different and brighten up your office space or waiting room. Adding some greenery or flowering plants would be a great idea as well. Some office spaces have greenery, but many lack this earthy element. Adding in some living plant, green or flowering, can brighten up a room and make it feel more down to earth at the same time.

Update the waiting room

Your waiting room is the first impression your patients will have. They will also spend a fair amount of time in this space, so make the experience as enjoyable as possible for them. Change out the old reading materials for new ones. New periodicals and a renewed range of reading materials is a good start. Adding in a kid’s corner is another great idea, or, if you already having one, sprucing up your current kid toy/reading selection will help as well.

Bring in some music

Adding in a few speakers is not a hefty expense. While you want to be careful and selective about the music you play, there are plenty of options and a bit of music can give your waiting area a much more pleasant ambience.


Update your website content – especially photos

As with the walls of your office, brightening up the décor on your website is also a good step for achieving spring cleaning goals. Often, website and social media images can become stale and rote. It’s easy for the visuals to fade into background noise when your patients have already seen them day in a day out for a year or more. Changing those out for new, fresh images at least once a year can reignite interest in your practice or reaffirm current patient interest. Updating the content on your site is also important. A good check-over is always a good idea, to make sure that your site only has current and accurate information to offer your patients.

Liven up your brand, image, and reputation

Your online image is just as important as your in-person image these days. Take a bit of time to evaluate your current “brand” or image and reputation as it appears online. How are your online reviews doing? Does your practice come off as professional and capable in both social media and through your website? Could a change of color scheme in your website or an adjustment to the number and type of images or information in your social media profiles make you seem more approachable, or more professional?

Shake your patients up with fresh calls to action

Finally, your goal as a healthcare provider is to encourage a healthy population. This applies to both your current patients and potential future patients within the surrounding area. What calls to action have you issued lately? Have you reminded your patients how important it is for them to seize control of their own health? If you haven’t reminded them lately, set up a few rousing email or blog posts or social media statements to urge your patients to live healthy lifestyles. Ultimately, you and your staff cannot push your patients into health; you have to guide and encourage them. Modern social media and communication technology is making it amazingly possible to be that voice of conscience in their ears, to remind them that taking care of themselves is a priority—one that should not be disregarded.

The best part about spring cleaning is the chance it provides to reinvent your practice and brush away any lingering mistakes from the past year. Feel free to do it in the fall or summer or winter, if you like, but setting a yearly goal for brightening up your practice and reaffirming your mission is a good start for making sure that your practice stays on track and offers the best care possible to your patients.