How to Overcome Revenue Cycle Challenges

Reduce bad debt and boost revenue at your practice with the five methods we outline in this free e-book.

Many patients are having difficulty paying their bills, whether it’s due to the rise in healthcare costs, the increase in insurance premiums, or in some cases, the absence of reasonable repayment options. Your practice can help offset these challenges by implementing betterĀ  policies and programs for patients.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to ease the payment burden on the patient
  • How to adapt your practice to the shift in consumer behavior
  • How to maximize collections at the time of service

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NTC Healthcare empowers medical practices to more effectively manage eligibility and collect more from patients, faster while also making the payment process seamless for patients.

The result: improved customer service, increased revenues, lowered costs and greater productivity.


The only eligibility verification solution on the market that provides a truly complete view of all patient benefits, regardless of the payer.

Payments & Billing

Accept all forms of payment with better, more secure payment solutions. Options for pay-in full or automated, scheduled payments.


Adhere to strict PCI standards and encrypts sensitive data E2E (end-to end). We offer advanced software options with the ability to set up PCI-compliant recurring billing.

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