Healthcare Podcasts for 2018

It’s challenging to find time in the day to keep up with all of the latest healthcare news and trends. Podcasts are a blessing for busy people who enjoy multitasking. Paired with a pair of earbuds, podcasts are a super portable and versatile medium for catching up on favorite topics while also getting exercise, commuting, or performing tasks with low cognitive demand. The following podcasts provide a sampling of the many listening options available to healthcare professionals, covering different angles and points of view.

Explore the Space

The podcast Explore the Space highlights discussions that focus on “the gap between healthcare providers and those seeking care.” The show touches upon a broad range of policy issues, from the role of board certification to options for addressing opioid abuse and gun violence.

Healthcare Success

The Healthcare Success podcast offers marketing advice for healthcare organizations. Episode topics have included patient-centered interior design, community outreach and messaging, and digital content strategies.


As its name suggests, ERCast creates content targeted to emergency department physicians. These well-presented episodes appeal to a larger audience, though, with pearls of wisdom applicable to many walks of life. Some of the more universal topics that have been presented on the show include tips for deescalating angry patients, special considerations for patients with autism, stress management techniques, and methods for creating memorable presentations.

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Voices in Healthcare Finance Podcast

The Healthcare Financial Management Association publishes the Voices in Healthcare Finance podcast, which focuses on, you guessed it, financial management in the healthcare world. Past episodes have brought in leading experts to discuss topics such as revenue cycle management, mergers and acquisitions, coding challenges, and value-based healthcare.

Healthcare Policy Podcast

The Healthcare Policy Podcast covers a wide spectrum of healthcare policy issues. Discussions include topics such as the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, federal regulatory oversight, public health, and healthcare delivery reform.

The HIMSS Collection

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) publishes several podcasts that will be of interest to people working in the healthcare arena. A few highlights include the following titles:
• Code Red features cybersecurity discussions with leading security professionals.
• Executive eMentor shares career path advice from industry executives.
• Patient Engagement Podcast shares methods for using social media, portals, and online forums to connect with patients.
• STEPS to Value Podcast brings stories of innovative processes that maximize the value of technology investments.

Are you ready to start listening? If you’re new to podcasts and need help figuring out how to subscribe and listen to them, here’s a quick primer to get you started.