Eight Apps Doctors Can Recommend To Their Patients

A 2013 Medscape article cited an estimated 40,000 health and fitness apps available on the market. Now, a year later, we can only try to guess how much that number has grown and what kinds of new mobile technology are being used to supplement traditional healthcare initiatives. One thing is clear, mobile technology, mHealth and health and fitness apps will become a standard part of treating patients in the coming years.

Here are eight apps, on the market now, that Physicians may find helpful as recommendations to their patients:

iCookbook Diabetic – A great resource for diabetic patients, this app provides users with practical recipes and helpful articles put together by registered dietitians and accredited food experts.

Pill Reminder By Drugs.com – This app is a great tool for those “forgetful” patients that need help tracking and taking their medications. Not only does it help patients remember to take the right medications at the right times, it also gives them quick access to check for drug interactions, dosage and side effects.

HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker – For all those Cardiologists out there, this app is top rated for quickly recording and keeping track of blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight. Boasting great visualizations and charts, HeartWise tracks both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, automatically calculates mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, and body mass index and even exports the data by email in multiple formats.

iTriage –  This FREE app allows patients to search for emergency service centers, research symptoms and find providers in their area. Created by two ER doctors, the content published through the app is reviewed by Harvard Medical School and has over 12 million downloads.

Lose It! – Essentially a mobile weight loss program, Lose It! helps users set a daily calorie budget, and track food and exercise – but with so many great features. The app allows users to set goals for weight, body fat, hydration, sleep, steps, exercise, nutrients and measurements. It also includes a barcode scanner for easier food tracking, a recipe builder and a diary function for journaling and weight loss notes.

Omvana – A fantastic tool to help patients with stress management, the Omvana app comes complete with a large collection of meditations designed for all levels of practice. The app allows users to customize each meditation to their daily practice and integrates with Apple’s HealthKit using information about date of birth, diastolic & systolic blood pressure and heart rate to evaluate stress levels and recommend specific meditations.

Allergy Food Translator – Designed specifically for patients with intense food allergies , who also travel abroad regularly, this app simply translates different lists of allergies into a local language to be presented to waiters to ensure safe eating.

Braingle HD – For patients that need to sharpen their minds, the Braingle app boasts the world’s largest collection of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, mind puzzles and optical illusions.