7 Tips for Streamlining Your Dental Front Office

When the front office runs more efficiently it has a measurable positive impact on the entire dental practice. Here are seven easy-to-implement ways to streamline the front office.

Eliminate Paperwork

Paperwork has been slowing down offices since the 18th century, and today’s dental practices should all transition to an electronic statements, record-keeping, billing, reporting, and document storage system. It’s faster, and enables cloud-based accounting security plus instant searches to find documents – versus time-wasting and frustrating manual filing and retrieval. Plus paper files gobble up precious space, whereas e-documents free-up valuable front office square footage.

Schedule Appointments Online

Restaurants hire a designated person to handle reservation scheduling, because it is a full time job. Or they automate it, which is what dental offices can do to make appointment scheduling a breeze instead of a time and labor intensive burden. Let front office personnel do what they are best at, which is patient care and interaction, by utilizing an efficient and error-free online appointment scheduling tool.

Automate Benefits Verification

The same goes for benefits verification, which is one of the most time-consuming front office tasks. Verify eligibility, estimate patient financial responsibility, and minimize the delay or rejection of payments from providers by using an automated verification tool. Patients will also appreciate it, because it ensures pricing and payment responsibility transparency up front, before they schedule their procedure.

Use an Online Portal

Communication with patients, before and after procedures, is vital to quality care and service. But it’s so time consuming for the front office to play phone tag with patients, and there are also HIPAA regulations that limit how and what staff can share over the phone or via email. Save time by using a HIPAA-compliant online portal where patients can confidentially and comfortably access their medical records, billing statements, educational information, and more – 24/7.

Reduce Phone Distractions

An online portal with an FAQ section will dramatically reduce patient questions that tie up front office phone lines. Pair that with an automated patient-centric online appointment scheduling tool and an electronic billing and payment system, and the front office will be relieved of tons of busy work. That can deliver the same impact as adding a few extra staff members, but without doing any additional hiring.

Help Patients Pay Easier

Every dental practice needs healthy cash flow and to be able to accurately project revenues from month to month. That can be nearly impossible to achieve when payment delays disrupt the revenue cycle. Speed it up, and give patients the level of convenient payment flexibility they have come to expect, by accepting multiple forms of instant online payment and the ability to use secure mobile payment technologies.

Simplify Treatment Plan Creation

One of the best ways to help patients manage their dental care and also pay their bills is to give them various treatment plan options. After they select a treatment plan, it’s also a great idea to offer them a way to design their own repayment plan and schedule of installment payments.

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