What is PaymentCare™?

All-Inclusive Revenue Cycle Management Platform

PaymentCare™ is an all-inclusive revenue cycle management platform. It allows practices to optimize every aspect of their revenue cycle—from patient eligibility, to patient financing and payment processing. Our completely automated, cloud-based system relieves the stress typically associated with practice administration and puts the focus back on providing quality patient care.

Run a Better Practice

Verify eligibility, estimate patient financial responsibility, set up payment plans, accept all forms of payment, file claims and more with PaymentCare™. Our automated system makes practice administration simple and gets you paid more, faster, with less work.

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Features of PaymentCare™

Immediate Eligibility Verification

Our eligibility software allows you to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, before you ever treat the patient. Batch eligibility or verify one-by-one as patients come in the office, saving time, reducing costly claims rejections and increasing profit. No longer will a user have to visit multiple websites or spend time on the telephone with payers to determine co-pays & deductibles


Payment Estimator

The Payment Estimator allows you to verify patient eligibility and then estimate their total financial responsibility before they even see the doctor, saving you time and money and reducing no-shows.

Patient Payments

Every type of payment is accepted, and all payments are accelerated with streamlined transactions. Credit cards are funded within one business day, while practice cash flow is improved through real-time processing, quick authorizations and emailed receipts. In addition, payments can be accepted in person, over the telephone or through mail and integrated with an online patient payment portal. All of this results in the entire patient payment process being simplified from beginning to end.


Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting

Each report is fully customizable and provides in-depth analysis of any information you might need—produced for any time period, in any format. Each report includes credit cards, cash and checks with a viewable image of the check, as well as any check that is manually recorded and deposited from all locations, including online payments.

Online Patient Portal

An eco-friendly, convenient and secure method for patients to fulfill payments online, allowing you to cut costs for statements, collections, rework and follow-up. The portal is entirely configurable and gives patients the option to save their payment information for future transactions. Patients also have access to previous statements and payment history available online when combined with the patient statements feature.

Patient Statements

Your patients can opt for traditional paper statements or view their statements online and receive access to previous statements and payment history. They can access their bills online from any device and receive electronic receipts. Plus, PaymentCare™ OneBill consolidates costs for services provided across your entire organization into one easy to pay bill.

Patient Financing

Reduce outstanding collections and time in accounts receivable by enabling patients to set up their own payment plans based on your specified billing policies.

File and Manage Claims

File and manage claims with our network of over 800 payers, and minimize rejected claims within one automated system.

Compatible With a Large Network of Payers

PaymentCare Eligibility supports over 800 Payers including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Aetna and Cigna.

Simplified Reconciliation

Reconciliation is exceptionally easy using the fully customizable end of day report. All payments are color coded to show accepted, declined and voided transactions.

PCI Compliance

PaymentCare™ is fully PCI compliant in accordance with the latest credit card processing industry standards and regulations.

HIPAA Compliant

Ensure the secure transfer of patient information, statements and receipts with a completely HIPAA compliant system.

Encryption and Tokenization of Card Data

As the first healthcare processor to offer data encryption and tokenization to protect card data, we take security seriously. Data encryption protects card information from the point of swipe to the processor and, most importantly, renders cardholder data useless to criminals in the event of a data breach, while our tokenization process disguises card data before it is even transmitted to processor for approval.