Helping You Help Clients

We work with healthcare consultants to help their clients implement more efficient tools and solutions. Our solutions improve practice revenue cycles, reduce tedious administrative tasks, and increase profit while minimizing the time and effort spent on managing the practice as a whole. Contact us to learn about our rewarding client referral program.
83% of consumers expressed a desire to pay with digital convenience, using a mobile device or online platform.

NTC Texas Consumer Payments Trend Analysis 2019

Simplify Your Client's Workflow

Streamlined Patient Billing

Practices can use paper or online statements, allow patients to pay through an easy online payment portal and set up payment plans based on billing policies. They can also estimate patient financial responsibility before rendering services and set up automatic recurring payments.

Simplified Reconciliation and Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Reconciliation is exceptionally easy using the fully customizable end-of-day report. All payments are color coded to show accepted, declined and voided transactions, and credit cards, cash, and checks with a viewable image of the check are included, as well as any check that is manually recorded.

Immediate Eligibility Verification

Our eligibility software allows practices to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, before they ever treat the patient—saving time, reducing costly claims rejections and increasing profit.

Reduced Data Entry

Patient records are saved automatically when an eligibility inquiry is processed and are accessible on subsequent patient visits so that administrators won’t waste time re-entering information.

Improved Cash Flow

All of our solutions are designed to lower patient collection costs while decreasing days in accounts receivable, improving cash flow.

Improved Efficiency

We optimize the patient collection process so that practices devote less time to administrative tasks and can focus more on quality patient care.