Making Your Job Simpler

NTC Healthcare helps simplify practice administration and reduces the pain associated with managing both the front and back office of healthcare organizations. We combine our thorough understanding of the healthcare industry with straightforward solutions that make it easy for you to reconcile accounts, collect more from patients and shorten your revenue cycle.
As consumer driven healthcare evolves, practices will need to learn how to manage the cost of collections like any other business in any other industry.

Simplify Your Workflow

Streamlined Patient Billing

Use paper or online statements, allow patients to pay through an easy online payment portal and set up payment plans based on billing policies. You can also estimate patient financial responsibility before rendering services which results in a more efficient process.

Improved Cash Flow

All of our solutions are designed to lower your patient collection costs while decreasing days in accounts receivable, improving cash flow.

Simplified Reconciliation

Reconciliation is exceptionally easy using the fully customizable end-of-day report. All payments are color coded to show accepted, declined and voided transactions.

Real-time Eligibility Verification

Our eligibility software allows you to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, before you ever treat the patient. Batch eligibility or verify one-by-one as patients come in the office, saving time, reducing costly claims rejections and increasing profit.

Reduced Data Entry

Patient records are saved automatically when an eligibility inquiry is processed and are accessible on subsequent patient visits.

File Claims

File claims with our network of over 800 payers and minimize rejected claims within one automated system.

Easy Implementation, Detailed Training & 24/7 Support

Our-cloud based suite of services doesn’t require any software installation or complicated set-up. An account representative handles every aspect of set-up and assists in customizing each platform. We provide thorough training as well as 24/7 support with as much follow up support as our customers need.